Saturday, 9 April 2011

It's a Lido Out There (aka So I See you Swimming off with Someone New, I'm like... Haiku)

I've been swimming outside first thing in the morning three times on a Saturday now, and pretty bloody pleased with myself I am truly feeling. Here are three Japanese style poems written about my experiences: two haikus and a tanka. I'll get off the poetry and write some proper blog entries again soon, I promise. Try not to wither away from the disappointment. ;-)

Screwed up insides crunch.
Streams of gold kiss water tips;
My soul smoothing out.

An army of arms
crawl in copycat clockwork.
Breath flows in and out.
Blue above is ironed smooth;
fluid mountain range below.

Swim pool politics.
A punchy whale spouts off.
I clench my eyes shut.


  1. We had guests appear
    Basking in warm glow of love
    I do happy dance

  2. Awwww, James bear! Cutest haiku ever!!!!