Monday, 20 April 2009


This has not been a good day. Here is a poem.

This time last year.

my soul needs saving from my memory
it catches me off guard with scenes that i don't want to see
we're over packing limes for a trip to the silver sea
face to face, warm skin; eyes reflecting beauty

i wish that i could switch it off somehow
so tired of fighting, of this angry, tear-stained row
to lose even one distracted touch is more than i'll allow
i wish i had forgotten you by now


  1. *sniffles*

    that`s proppa sad hun ... very touching though x

  2. Is the above your work PL? S'good!

    Again, wierdly I've never read any of your poetry (apart from the ones what have been made in to tunes by our mates)or have I? I may have forgotten such a thing, what with me being your surrogate boyfriend. And what's this about you having written a book? You never told me! ; )

  3. LOL at Poots, and thanks. Yeah, I wrote that. :-) Don't think I have ever shown you any other poetry, I kinda live in fear of people who force their poetry on me, so I try very hard not to force mine on other people! It's nice to have somewhere I can put it where people can make their own decisions about if they want to read it or not.

    I am quite pleased with that one. :-)